Petrologie und Geodynamik

Monazite F6

Lab ID 26

The material was obtained from Prof. Michael Raith (Univ. Bonn, Germany), who collected the monazite at Manangoutry Pass in the Anosyan Mountains, southern Madagascar from a pegmatite. Monazite from the same locality was dated by cogenetic zircon and Sm-Nd monazite-biotite-garnet-zircon isochrone by Paquette et al. (1994, J Geol, 102: 523-538) at 545 ±2 and 542 ±11 Ma, respectively.


The grains are millimeter-sized, mostly clear. They appear to be homogeneous. The BSE image shows no zonation.



This mineral is only used as internal secondary standard, for checking the consistency of quantitative monazite mineral analyses. It is not used for calibration.


Composition in wt.-%

  P2O5   26.8
  SiO2    2.6
  CaO     0.9
  Y2O3    0.2
  La2O3  13.6
  Ce2O3  27.9
  Pr2O3   2.8
  Nd2O3   9.9
  Sm2O3   0.9
  Gd2O3   0.4
  PbO     0.33
  ThO2   13.7
  UO2     0.15

P. Appel, Update: 10-Nov-2005