Petrologie und Geodynamik

Analytical Details

Analytical Routines

About 70 % of the analyses performed in our lab are mineral analyses of common silicates like garnet, olivine, pyroxene etc. For this kind of analyses we usually use the phi-rho-z matrix correction of Armstrong. We use well characterised (mostly natural) minerals with end-member composition as calibration standards. See below for details of the standards. In most cases analytical conditions are 15 kV accelerating potential and 15 or 20 nA probe current. Typical counting times for major elements are 10 to 15 seconds on the peak.


For the analyses of special materials (e.g. volcanic glass, REE minerals, alloys) we have special analytical routines which can differ significantly from those of silicate mineral analyses.



We have access to a wide range of standards, which enables us to cover various analytical purposes. Amoung the standards in use are Smithsonian mineral and REE orthophosphate standards as well as element and minerals standards supplied by MAC. Additionally we have a set of Boron an Beryllium mineral standards supplied by Harvard Museum and special glass standards for Rb, U, Th, K from Hopkins and a number of special standards for special purposes.

Follow this link to obtain an almost full list of primary and secondary standards used in our lab.