Petrologie und Geodynamik

Röntgenfluoreszenzlabor (RFA/XRF)

The XRF lab is equipped with an Malvern (previously called Malvern-PANalytical) Zetium 1 kW WD spectrometer. The device was installed in July 2018. It is equipped with an integrated sample changer, a Rhodium tube and the following spectrometer crystals:

  • PE
  • LiF 200
  • LiF 220
  • Ge 111
  • PX-1


We are able to measure vairous types of solid samples, either from fused glass discs or pressed powder tablets.

Fused Beads

Fused glass discs are prepared by mixing 600 mg of fine grinded powder of the sample with 3.6 g Li2B4O(Di-Lithium-Tetraborate, "Spectroflux 100") and melting this at about 1100°C in a Platinium crucible. We currently measure 18 main and minor/trace elements, by using a calibration which is based on 32 international geostandards.