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Asien und der CAOB (Zentralasiatische Orogengürtel)

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Südliche Afrika

  • 2017. A Kröner, Rojas-Agramonte, Y., Mesoproterozoic (Grenville-age) granitoids and supracrustal rocks in Kaokoland, northwestern Namibia. Precambrian Research. v. 298, p. 572-592.
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Reportagen, TV- / Internetauftritte u.ä.

  • 2010. Islands of Gold in an Ocean of Land, Geological Survey of New South Wales (Australia) (DVD) Clive Willman & Davide Michielin.
  • 2009/04: Rojas-Agramonte, Y., 2009. Salzburg opened the door to my scientific career. ÖAD Alumni Newsletter. April 2009, p. 12. 
  • 2008: TV report in a German TV broadcast (DW-Deutsche Welle) about my work in Cuba. 
  • 2006: Rojas-Agramonte, Y. Gucklöcher in die Erdgeschichte (Peepholes into the Earth's Past). Humboldt-Kosmos. Vol. 88, p. 46-49.