Petrology and Geodynamics


May 22, 2017

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  • Appel, P., Stipp, M., K.P., Friedel, C.-H.., Fiedrich, A., Kraus, K. and Berger, S. (2019)  U-Th-total Pb ages of monazite from the Eckergneiss (Harz Mountains, Germany): Evidence for Namurian to Westfalian granulite facies metamorphism at the margin of Laurussia., International Journal of Earth Sciences,108: 1741-1753.  | |
  • Shrestha, S., Larson, K.P., Duesterhoeft, E., Soret, M. and Cottle, J.M. (2019),  Thermodynamic modelling of phosphate minerals and its implications for the development of P-T-t histories: A case study in garnet - monazite bearing metapelites, Lithos,
  • Oalmann, J., Duesterhoeft, E., Möller, A. and Bousquet, R. (2019),  Constraining the pressure–temperature evolution and geodynamic setting of UHT granulites and migmatitic paragneisses of the Gruf Complex, Central Alps, International Journal of Earth Sciences (Geologische Rundschau),
  • Lanari, P. and Duesterhoeft, E. (2019),  Modeling Metamorphic Rocks using Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Internally Consistent Databases: Past Achievements, Problems and Perspectives, Journal of Petrology, Vol. 60, No. 1, 19-56,
  • Nagel, T., Duesterhoeft, E. and Schiffer, C. (2018),  Garnet-controlled very low velocities in the lower transition zone at sites of mantle upwelling, Terra Nova, Vol. 30, 333–340,
  • Robert C. and Bousquet, R. (2018), Geowissenschaften - Die Dynamik des Systems Erde (Textbook), Springer Spektrum, 1017 pp.
  • Boniface, N. and Appel, P. (2018), Neoproterozoic reworking of the Ubendian Belt crust: Implication for an orogenic cycle between the Tanzania Craton and Bangweulu Block during the assembly of Gondwana, Precambrian Research, Vol. 305, 358-385,
  • Fehler, A. and Giehl, C. (2018), Quarzplättchen-Präparation – Für massenspektroskopische Bestimmungen von Elementkonzentrationen in Flüssigkeiteinschlüssen, Der Präparator, Vol. 64, 22-27.